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WST (Western Superconducting Technologies Co., Ltd.) is a vertical integrated manufacturer of titanium alloys and superconducting wires, WST is dedicating to meet every demand of customers with our perfect materials and becomes your most reliable cooperative partner.

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WST is a joint-stock company which established on Feb.28, 2003 and located in Xi’an city, China, with a registered capital of 55 million USD. WST has 2 production premises, the total floor areas are 500,000 square meters. The premises I is located in Xi’an Economic-Technological Development Zone as headquarter for manufacturing titanium alloys, superconducting wires and superconducting magnets. The premises II is located in the Xi’an Jing Wei Industrial Park for manufacturing titanium alloys.  


WST can supply titanium alloy products in the forms of billets, forgings, bars, rods, wires and profiles with various designations and specifications starting from ingot production. The titanium alloy products are mainly used for aerospace, medical, automotive and other critical industries, and have been sold to Europe, Asia and America.  WST is a shareholder of many domestic titanium sponge plants who can supply supreme raw materials and has established solid comprehensive and cooperative relationship with them. 

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WST has been one of the biggest suppliers of titanium alloys products for aerospace industry in China and is becoming one of leading suppliers of titanium alloys in the international market.